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Ashley Simpson seems to be doing quite well after separating with Pete Wentz. Her and NIcky Hilton hit up the Lia Sophia launch party at the Sunset Marquiz in West hollywood on Tuesday Night! They then went to Chateau Marmont for a while, then on to Trousdale club!

The Kardashians store ‘famous cupcakes’ Closed on June 1st – I was driving by it tonight after receiving a Kim K tip at a nearby restraunt and noticed that the cupcake store was closed. The cupcakes there were delicious!! I scraped together 5 bucks one day and bought a dark chocolate cupcake!
They did open another store out in the valley though! Its in Valley village on Laurel canyon Blvd. A bit closer to where I live and I am sure the rents are way cheaper than in Beverly Hills!