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Lana Del Rey’s ‘Norman Fucking Rockwell’

Posted Thursday, September 26th, 2019

I Love it I think it is awe inspiring and a real gem. Its definitely the most refreshing Album of the year .

Almost every other day I come across a mile long review or Critique-of the new Album that dropped last month ..

– Ill just keep it plain and simple- short and sweet by saying I love this album I feel it defines who Lana Del Rey is and Stands for – It is dreamy and has the making of a real masterpiece that will live on for generations!! What I like a lot about Lana’s style is that its her own style and she is leading her path and own way. I don’t think anyone is capable of following her because how could they she is unique and sets her own terms when it comes to Jaw dropping lyrics and titles.. Reminds me a bit of Billie Holiday.

She has a lot of heart and cares about her fans and about people and the world !! I smell Grammys in her future !!

Lana del Rey at the Chateau Marmont talking to a super fan singer/ actor – Cody Carrera 2011